Juniper Bay Metals

by hand, with heart

  Studio photos by  Anna Carson Dewitt . See my  Maker Story  for more of Anna's images of my studio and process.

Studio photos by Anna Carson Dewitt. See my Maker Story for more of Anna's images of my studio and process.

About the Maker

I've been drawn to small things since I can remember. I find overwhelming beauty within the tiniest of subjects. Delicate subtleties and fascinating textures found amongst naturally occurring wonders are hugely inspirational to my work. 

Working in metals has been my passion since 1998, when I took my very first jewelry course with renowned metalsmith Bob Ebendorf at East Carolina University School of Art & Design. During my sophomore year, a potter friend encouraged me to sign up for a beginning metals class. I was really nervous at first because, until that point, I'd never felt like a 3D artist. I was growing comfortable with paint and canvas. However, once I began learning the new material and techniques I was amazed...and completely hooked!

I found the process of metalworking so challenging and gratifying. Metal, a seemingly cold and hard material, could be manipulated, formed, pierced, melted, and spread! I quickly shifted my course of study and went on to earn a BFA with a Metal Design concentration in 2002.

I have continued to explore my craft through the years by participating in local and regional workshops as well as through teaching and making. 

Texture, organic design, color and refined detail are cherished elements that appear throughout my work, which is oftentimes inspired by the sea.

Silver, gold, copper and brass are my preferred metals, especially when they can be recovered from the scrap bin or recycled from past projects. I love incorporating interesting stones and enamel for raw pops of color. 

Hope you enjoy - I love bringing customers joy through my art!

Staci Sawyer Phebus



Every piece is handcrafted, by me, in my small studio in Raleigh, NC. Starting with both raw and refined materials I utilize multiple processes to make each piece of jewelry. Forging, forming, piercing, casting, chasing, and stone-setting are some of the techniques found in my work.

Much time and care is given to each creation with beauty, composition, wearability, and quality being of utmost importance.

The Story of Juniper Bay

Having grown up the daughter of a waterman in rural, coastal North Carolina, I often heard my father and his friends speaking of fishing spots. Juniper Bay was one such place and the name always resonated. I like the way it feels, the imagery it conjures.

Juniper Bay is part of the Pamlico Sound and the Swan Quarter National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine, largely untouched salt-water marsh and woodland area along the Inner Banks of NC. The bay and its bordering marshland are a thriving habitat for sea life and migratory waterfowl.


 Design Process for Custom Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Custom Work

I accept one-of-a-kind custom work on an ongoing and case-by-case basis. As you know time is a precious and fleeting thing. I must use my studio time both wisely and in alignment with my creative drive, design sensibility, and values. That said, I am happy to have a conversation about custom jewelry with anyone. Creating pieces that are sentimental, heirloom, and ceremonious is amazing! However, should I feel a project is outside my wheelhouse, or something I would prefer not to take on, I will do my best to offer advice or recommendations if requested. 

Studio Location

Juniper Bay Metals is located at 22 Glenwood AveStudio #6 inside The Carter Building, a downtown Raleigh arts incubator      housing many artists' studios as well as retail shops, wellness clinicians, and creative start-ups.