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Six months of gratitude.

Staci PhebusComment

Today, December 9, 2014, marks the six month since I made the transition to a more creative and meaningful work life. After years of thoughtful planning, daydreams, doodles during work meetings, and deep, emotional conversations my husband and friends and I decided it was finally time to go for it.

Funny thing about making these types of "decisions": really I was deciding to face fear head-on, to challenge all the little "are you sure?" and "what if...?" voices. You know the ones. I knew that no matter what was to come, if I didn't try and live my dream I'd have to live, forever, with those other little voices...the "what if...?" and "if I'd only" and "now it's too late" thoughts. Nope - life is just too precious and too damn temporary.

Back in late-April I made the decision to leave my day-job. I began putting out feelers for a good part-time job, one that would help pay the bills while I started getting my new business going. I let my close friends know what I was hoping to find: a 20ish-hour-per-week gig doing something fun and/or creative, something helpful to people. My friends were super supportive and cheered me on. One day in mid-May I was visiting my chiropractor for an adjustment. I had the thought "Dr Molly knows a lot of people...I should let her know that I'm looking for a job". So I did. Let me pause to say that I love Dr Molly. She just has this way about her. Her patients are cared for and feel better when they leave her office. She has this blend of skill, patience, empathy, and compassion that you rarely find in medical professionals. Well, the next day she called me up and offered me a job working in her office. Just like that. How amazing was that timing? I was beaming. All I could think was "it's really happening!". I'd set the ball rolling and everything was beginning to fall into place. How's that for affirmation?!

I put in notice at my job of almost nine years and I started digging my heels in. I read books and articles on small business development. I talked with friends who had gone out on their own. I charted out a course for getting my business particulars in order. I created a website. Along with a great designer friend, I developed a brand. I started looking for craft show opportunities. And, most importantly, I got busy making my work...and I haven't stopped. 

So here we are, six months in. These six months have been filled with so much greatness. I've worked harder than I ever have and loved every second of it. I've made more jewelry since early June than I've made in the last five years. I have four craft shows under my belt since September and I'm and doing one more before Christmas. I have my work in three galleries: Gather, Julia Martin Gallery, and Indian Town Gallery. I've completed twenty or more custom orders and have Christmas orders underway. I participated in a really cool project that will showcase the work if 100 international metalsmiths (watch for details in 2015). As I type all this I am utterly amazed at what I have been able to accomplish and I am setting goals for next year. 

THANK YOU-times-a-million to my wonderful husband, family, and friends for all the love and support you have bestowed upon me this year. I am truly grateful and excited about what's to come!

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