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Care for your JBM jewelry

The best way to keep your silver from tarnishing is to wear it on the regular. I don't recommend wearing your JBM jewelry in the pool, hot tub, or any other water treated with harsh chemicals.

To avoid tarnish when storing silver, place jewelry in a small ziplock bag away from other metals. When placing necklaces with fine chain into a baggie, be sure to first clasp the necklace and store leave the clasp end and a little bit of the chain hanging out to avoid a tangled mess - trust me, I have learned the hard way! 


Cleaning Your Silver

I like Sunshine Polishing Cloths for quick and easy silver cleaning and polishing. This versatile polishing cloth may also be used for gold, brass and copper. I recommend cutting one cloth in half - use one piece for silver and gold, and the other piece for copper, brass and the like. 

Use the cloth to gently remove tarnish and shine up any spots as you wish. Then use warm water and mild soap to clean any residue from the cloth. Dry with a soft cloth.