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From the Independent Weekly's April 2018 feature entitled "Alternative Wedding Guide: Please Yourself, Not Martha Stewart".

Article by Allison Hussey. Photography by Caitlin Penna.


In June 2017 I had the pleasure of sitting down with my lovely friend and neighbor Andrea Wallenbeck for a talk about my journey thus far in life and metalsmithing.

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Handcrafted Designs at Durham Patchwork Market

July 29, 2015: JBM photo feature and mention in News & Observer "Style Watch" section.

We have carried this artist’s work for about three years now. I really love the young, fresh look of this beautifully hand-crafted jewelry and our customers love it too.
— Swell Art Gallery
Hi Staci,
I just got my ring and LOVE it!!!
Thank you so much for making it so fast.
— Laura J.
I love it!
The moonstone is beautiful, and I love the sterling silver. I really like this combination with the shiny sterling.
Thank you for making it so special.
— Jamie W.